Datewait promise to keep your heart safe.

March 1, 2019

A promise to keep your heart safe.

– Aim to empower users to avoid feeling pressured into meeting prematurely in person.

– Advocate creating and adhering to a date plan that promotes independence and considers the location, timing, duration of date and method of transportation. Make these intentions explicit to the other person in advance, thereby managing their expectations prior to the first meeting and empowering the individual to avoid being coerced into changing their plans during the meeting itself.

Emphasis the need to both meet in public and stay in public, as well as to incorporate this as part of a wider date p an, treating the first date as a short screening process.

Raise awareness of the fact that online interaction is not the same as meeting face-to-face and it is important to treat the first date as a fresh start. Although there may have been extensive or intimate online interaction, the other person is still a stranger.

Aim to manage expectations by warning that the other person may be more cautious than they were online, as well as empowering individuals to avoid being pressured into taking the meeting further than they want.

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